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Shower - Living With Stacy #152

Living With Stacy #152 – Shower

I have another new comic strip out today called “Shower.” Ryan and Stacy argue over who gets to take the first shower. Stacy points out that Ryan always uses all the hot water. While Ryan retorts with that he just stinks more. Proving his point, he lifts up his arms revealing his stinky pits and pushes them near Stacy’s nose. “See?” He says. Haha. Stacy yields and Ryan is victorious.

Interestingly, do you know that people who have strong underarm odor may detox from their armpits? Some people detox through their bowels, some through sweating, and others through their arm pits. Huh, the more you know.

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s comic. If you liked “Shower” than you’ll love Jiggle JiggleCatch you on the flipside. 🙂

Something Important - Living With Stacy #151

Living With Stacy #151 – Something Important

Why hello there LWS fans, I have a new comic out today called “Something Important.” Ryan whispers to Stacy to come closer as he has something important to tell her.  As she leans in, he let’s out a huge fart and bursts out in laughter.  If that wasn’t enough, he also follows up with another fart, laughing heartily. Stacy suddenly pulls the blankets on top of Ryan and covers him in the blanket, trapping him in with his own stinky gasses.  End scene.

And that is about it for this week’s comic strip.  If you liked, Something Important, than you’ll love Toot. See you next time my farty friends. 🙂

Living With Stacy #150 - Jiggle Jiggle

Living With Stacy #150 – Jiggle Jiggle

Hey there and welcome to another new LWS comic called “Jiggle Jiggle.”  In today’s comic strip shirtless Ryan jiggles his tummy and asks Stacy if he has gained a little weight.  Stacy’s response of course is priceless. What starts out as a legitimate suggestion to judge weight gain turns out to be a ploy to see her chubby hubby naked. Haha. Readers, take note of this technique, it’ll get your partner naked faster than saying “Hey babe, get naked.” 😉

In other news, it’s soon Winter!  No, don’t speak of Winter, we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet. I hear ya, but I’ve put on about 15 pounds and that usually means only one thing. Winter’s coming.  To recap, winter weight equals Wintertime.

Also, ever since Hurricane Dorian the power has been unstable where we live. A slight breeze knocks our power out and let me tell you, we get a lot of air flow around here.

Anyhoo, that’s it for this week’s strip. Stop by again soon. 🙂

Living With Stacy #149 - How Sweet

Living With Stacy #149 – How Sweet

Heyo LWS comic fans and welcome to another new strip called “How Sweet.” How many of you out there can relate to this, huh? Haha. An innocent gesture for food gets mistaken for a yearning to loving hold hands. When you love food as much as I do, it tends to happen a lot. But there’s a secret to it too. And since I”m such a nice guy, I’ll share it with all of you. When someone you love holds your hands by mistake, just go with it. Who knows, maybe you’ll still get that tortilla chip after all. 😉

And that’s it for this week’s LWS comic. If you liked How Sweet, you’ll love Survival Mode. Tune in again soon for another new comic. Peace out LWS fans.