Asle Nine - Living With Stacy #170
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Aisle Nine – Living With Stacy #170

Hey there Living With Stacy fans, I have a brand spanking new comic for you called “Aisle Nine.” In today’s strip we see Stacy at her best. Best at what you ask? Well, the best at being Stacy. We see her restocking shelves, moving items into their correct spots. Ryan states, “Hun, that’s the stocker’s job.” Before she can retort, the items come crashing down on her and the floor. “Clean up in aisle nine!” 🙂

Although slightly embellished, this is another true to life story. I hope you all enjoyed it. The grocery arc is continuing on for a few more strips. Stay tuned for another update soon.

If you’re interested in the start of this arc, check out “Business” and “Good Spot.” Later gators.

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