8 Things That Motivate Me [Personality Meme // Illustration]

8 Things That Motivate Me as an Artist. Number 1…

Eight Things that motivate me are:

1. Food 🧆

2. Sketching 📔✏️

3. Hanging out with Friends

4. Video Games 🎮

5. ⚠️😲😲⚠️

6. Cats! 🐈

7. Listening to Music 🎵

8. Sleeping 😴

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Living with Stacy Book

Living With Stacy Books Are Here

Good news, everyone! I have received my printed books this week! And they are GLORIOUS! Haha. I’m getting custom signed books ready for all my Patrons and GoFundMe donors, plus organizing a local book signing event. If you can’t make it to the book signing (more info to come on that later) but still wanted a book, do not fret. Living With Stacy Book 01 will be available in stores near you!

What stores you ask? Well, if you live around here in good old Nova Scotia, then you can soon grab a copy at Lanes Inn, The Port Grocer, The Natural Grind, and more. As for snagging a copy online, you will be able to through my official LWS store section via paypal in the near future, as well as on Amazon.ca, Chapters Indigo, and Coles. The larger retailers will take a bit of time to get on shelves as I have not looked into the process of it yet besides getting an ISBN! Which I totally have. Oh yeah.

LWS Oh Yeah~

In all the hustle and bustle, I wasn’t able to get a full LWS comic out this week. Hopefully the comic above counts. Haha. But seriously, the books are soooo good. I mean, wait until you feel one in your hands. I hope you get a chance to do so! So that’s it for this week’s comic. Feel free to check out more LWS strips like this one called “Mario Maker.”

Peace! 🙂