depth perception - Living With Stacy #159
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Depth Perception – Living With Stacy #159

Hey everyone, here’s a new LWS comic for you called “Depth Perception.” Ryan tosses a ball up and down and informs Stacy that if he shuts one eye, his depth perception worsens. Stacy intrigued where this conversation might go indulges Ryan. “Oh yeah?” She says. “Yeah,” Ryan responds as he shuts one eye and tosses the ball in the air. The rest, is how we say, history. Ha.

I should advice all your LWS fans out there to not try this at home, but if you do, please be safe. You could get a black eye. Haha.

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic strip. If you liked this one then you’ll love Modest. Need a cool thing designed or drawn? Check out flapjackstudios.com.

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