Fitted Sheets - Living With Stacy #192
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Fitted Sheets – Living With Stacy #192

Hey LWS fans, I have a new comic out today called “Fitted Sheets.” Anyone who has done any chores in their lives know the pain and frustration one experiences when trying to fold fitted sheets. No matter what, they just will not fold into a perfect shape. Often times a folded fitted sheet will look like it hasn’t been folded at all. Rather rolled up and tossed into a ball. LOL.

I myself have fought with them only to have them turn out lumpy. So I now roll fitted sheets up in a tight tube of fabric. It’s my go to move. 🙂  Someone like Stacy though, who is an obsessive perfectionist, well– you can only imagine how that might turn out. In fact, I decided to draw it, and present it to all of you.

And now you know. Well that’s it for this week’s comic strip. If you liked it then please share, share share. Happy Thanksgiving!

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