Constantly At Me - Living With Stacy #182

Constantly At Me – Living With Stacy #182

Hey there LWS fans, I have a new comic strip for you called “Constantly At Me.” Or for those savvy jokers out there, “Constantly @ Me.”  LOL.  This comic strip is literally word for word, all true. Stacy was frustrated (as impatient people tend to be) with all the Twitter notifications and push emails about every little thing. So she proclaimed out loud her hate for Twitter. When I asked “Why’s that?” She ingeniously responded with “Because it’s constantly @ me!”

I nearly fell over with laughter. What an awesome setup for an awesome joke. But then she frowned. “What!? It is!” and she slammed her laptop screen down in a rage.

I had thought she told the joke on purpose but it was 100% by accident. For those of you wondering, Twitter uses @ (at) handles to distinguish between users, so for example, @stacy or @ryan. So when she said “It’s constantly at me!” I thought for sure it was just an amazing joke. Boy, was Ryan wrong. lol.

Aw man….I guess the notifications were pretty aggressive. But you can always turn those off in user settings. Anyways, it was a fun time for me. Stacy also came around to her unintentional genius. 🙂

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic. If you liked today’s joke, then you’ll love my other comics like Dressed Like That.”

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Dressed Like That - Living With Stacy #181

Dressed Like That – Living With Stacy #181

Hey there LWS fans, I have another new comic for you called “Dressed Like That.” In today’s comic Ryan is invited for a home-cooked meal at his loving parents house. But he may have arrived a little under dressed… Actually, he definitely did. You may have guessed it, but Ryan is in his boxers yet again! Haha. I beleive after this incident, Ryan will think twice before wearing boxers as regular attire again. Although…I’m currently writing this post while wearing boxers myself. Lol. And I must say, I’m quite comfortable. :p

For those of you wondering, this one was a true story. I did in fact accidentally flash my parents after boasting that my junk was secure in my trousers…Oh me. Haha.

Welp, that’s it for this week’s LWS comic. If you liked Dressed Like That, you’ll love my other comics like “Flop.” If you happen to be a comic creator yourself, you should check out COMICAD NETWORK. Later gators.

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Flop - Living With Stacy #180

Flop – Living With Stacy #180

Heyo Living With Stacy fans, and welcome to another new comic strip called “Flop.” Aptly named, Flop starts off with Stacy catching Ryan doing laundry in his underwear. What’s wrong with that you ask? Well, nothing really, except the fact that it’s the apartment floors public laundromat. Lol.

This was kind of a true story, Ryan I tend to do this from time to time, as certain family members can attest to. :p  Of course, this may not be the only time Ryan “flashes” someone. Stay tuned for more comics of this “nature” in the future.

Oh, a neat little thing– I find censorship to be funny in some cases, this comic included. But you know, that means that somewhere out there, there is an uncensored version. GASP!  Haha, seriously, can’t censor something without first drawing the naughty bits. If anyone (for whatever reason) wants to see the uncensored version in all it’s embarrassing glory, I may put it up on my paid PATREON page. We’ll see for now…Sometimes it’s best to leave things unsaid, and in this case unseen (maybe). I’ll have to let the viewers decide.

Later for now my peeps. 🙂

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Dessert - Living With Stacy #179

Dessert – Living With Stacy #179

Welcome back LWS fans, I have another new comic strip on this lovely, muggy Saturday called “Dessert.” As you might have guessed from the title, dessert is the theme of the day. Ryan and Stacy finally get out on that date they have been talking about. The meal was fabulous by the way. 😉

But it’s the dessert most people are really after. Am I right? Unfortunately, there were no gluten free options available for Ryan. He slickly remarks with a “Forget the sweets– You’re the only dessert I need tonight.” Haha, what a steamy hot save! Who needs cake anyways?

It turns out that Stacy does in fact need cake! Lol. Which of course, is fine. Ryan gets his dessert later. 🙂

Well, that’s it for today’s comic strip. If you liked this one, check out all my other ones. You can find them in my LWS COMIC  ARCHIVE.

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Go Out - LWS Comic #178

Go Out – LWS Comic #178

Hey and welcome to another new LWS comic called “Go Out.” In this week’s strip, Stacy let’s out a big sigh, “Why don’t we go out anymore?” Haha, a truly terrifying statement. But you don’t see Ryan panicking, oh no. He slyly pauses, then slips in a “Hey Babe, wanna go out for dinner later?” Good save! Phew…However, we all know how this one turns out. Looks like Stacy just wanted the attention. The look on Ryan’s face is priceless. 🙂

Anyhoo, that’s it for this week’s comic. If you like Go Out, then you’ll like my other LWS comics like The Greatest. Also if you find you are a little stressed out due to the pandemic, you could check out my self isolation themed comics called Quicklets.

Welp, that’s it. Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂

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The Greatest - LWS COMIC #177

The Greatest – LWS Comic #177

Heyo LWS fans, I have another new strip for you called “The Greatest.” Stacy wants to be the greatest, and she declares so loud and confident for all to hear. Ryan quips in with a “At what?” To which stay ponders deeply, “…something.” Lol. We all want to be great at something and that’s the truth. But whatever that something is, looks like we have to find it first, and then be great at it. :p

I couldn’t help but thing of Ash from Pokemon while doing this comic. So many times I typed in, “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!” Haha.

There you go. You’re welcome. 🙂  Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic. Please check out my other ones like my LWS QUICKLETS based on the recent pandemic and self isolation stories. Until next time.

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Feels So Good - LWS Comic #176

Feels So Good – LWS Comic #176

Hey there LWS fans, I have another new comic out for you called “Feels So Good.” Ryan and Stacy make each other feel so good. Wink. GOTCHA! Lol. I love this one. Even still, this one is a bit sexy, am I right? 😉

So yes, Ryan and Stacy make each other feel good by giving each other massages. Ryan moans, and Stacy gasps. She manages to speak between the waves of pain and pleasure. “We should have done this sooner.” Lol. Looks there’s no going back now. Soon it’ll be off to couples massage.

I love these sort of “gotcha” comics. This one had a great setup and I tend to lean towards the more lewd humor. Ha. Anyways, if you liked Feels So Good then you may like “How to get his Attention.” It’s a great one.

So that’s it for this week LWS comic strip. Stay tuned in for more. And stay healthy and safe. 🙂

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Indirect Kiss - LWS Comic #175

Indirect Kiss – LWS Comic #175

Hey there LWS fans, we have another great comic strip for you today called “Indirect Kiss.” Ryan gives Stacy an indirect kiss in the bathroom. The only thing is, it’s not really an indirect kiss. It’s an indirect, INDIRECT, kiss. Or, that’s at least how he explains it. This one really cracks me up. 🙂


As you may have noticed this is not a QUICKLETS comic. yes, we’re back to the numbered comics. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any more QUICKLETS comics, or that the current pandemic is soon over (although I really hope it is). It just means that I’m running out of covid/self isolation jokes, ready to continue working with other themes and situational gags. 😉

In any case, you can expect more LWS QUICKLETS in the future at some point. Well that’s it for this week’s comic strip. If you liked Indirect Kiss then you’ll like my other comics. Feel free to check them all out.

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Boredom Be Like - LWS QUICKLETS

Boredom Be Like–

Hey there LWS fans, and welcome to another new Living With Stacy Quicklets called “Boredom Be Like–.” In today’s comic Ryan finds himself pining for pre-pandemic activities, like going to the movies. One I can relate to, and not just the movies either, but regular life in general (one where we don’t disinfect all our groceries). Stacy suggests doing some outdoor chores, which Ryan interrupts with a distracting yawn. “Better go have a nap.” Well played Ryan, well played. 😉

Speaking of “normal life”, what the hell is going on with the world? I draw and write up a comic about boredom, but let’s be honest, the world is not boring lately. It’s downright maddening. Let’s hope that in the coming weeks, everyone can sort this out, cops and the public (and the government) included.

I stand beside all of you. To all my fans, stay safe and healthy.

If any of you are roaming my site, feel free to check out my other self-isolation themed comics like Visiting Family Be Like. I plan on doing them until the pandemic is officially over (soon I hope).

lvl of concern


Hey, for anyone playing the Twenty One Pilots online scavenger hunt, here are all the codes found so far:

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20. Well done. the hive mind is very powerful. unfortunately, the last puzzle is the hardest. and leads to something special. you might want to keep the final code to yourself. please come back on 6.15.2020 at 12pm est and begin the final journey. thank you for your participation. good luck. (BRAILLE).

More codes will be added as they are discovered. 🙂


RolePlaying Be Like

Roleplaying Be Like

Welcome to “Roleplaying Be Like”, another new LWS QUICKLETS comic. You may have noticed, but we’ve been between a weird do we self-isolate or not place for some time. Now that it’s Summer time, that tension is even higher. Luckily, there is a fun little thing that everyone can do when stuck at home. And that is role playing.

Some of you may have tried this already. Lucky you. But for the rest of us, role playing can be tricky. You have to invent a cool persona and depending on the scenario, you have to stay in character and give your acting skills a work out. But if done right, it can be a wonderful distraction from all this self-isolation crap and insane world news.

In any case, whether you are good or bad at acting, give role playing a whirl. Because in the end, it’s the effort that really counts. And for the majority of us in self-isolation, we all know the rewards can be worth it. If you catch my drift. Happy Role Playing everyone! 😉




Hello, and welcome to the official Living With Stacy website! You may be wondering what this Living With Stacy comic is all about. Well allow me to shed some light on the subject. Living with Stacy is a modern, slice of life comedy about the everyday routines and struggles of a young, happy couple. Join Ryan and Stacy as they attempt to comfortably coexist and push through life in hilarious and relatable ways! To quote some random awesome guy on the internet, "LWS is cute, adorable and fun for everyone, even your cats!" Wow, thanks random awesome guy!

Living With Stacy is now being printed in the Advance, a local newspaper from my hometown. The Advance is a faction of TC Media which publishes papers across Canada. Anywhere from Halifax, Nova Scotia right to Vancouver, BC. I'm super excited to be a part of it. Keep an eye out for LWS strips in your local newspaper and of course, please continue to enjoy the comic on my website.

Living With Stacy, or LWS for short, updates every Saturday so come back often to lol at the latest strips! To learn more about LWS please check out the About Section. If you're interested in Flapjack Studios' other comic works you can check out Rankless the Comic and its Comic Archive.

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