washing hands be like

Washing Hands Be Like

Heyo, I have another new LWS Comic QUICKLET for you today called “Washing Hands Be Like.”  So, how do washing hands be like during a viral pandemic? Well, in one word, difficult. Or in two words, time consuming. But how does one know how long to wash their hands for? Well it has been said online that the best way is to sing “Happy Birthday” to the end.  Interesting no? Those news articles about washing hands gave me the inspiration for this strip.

I bet singing happy birthday while washing your hands is fun the first five times you do it….I can only imagine the mental anguish after the five time threshold. Luckily there are a lot of other songs of similar length to sing. Oh, you want to know them? Well I’m sorry, I actually don’t know any…So it’s happy birthday for me, every day, 15 times a day, 365 days a year. :0

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks’ strip. If you liked this one, then check out my other “Be Like” Quicklets. Ciao.

Grocery Shopping Be Like

Grocery Shopping Be Like

I have another LWS Quicklet for you all today called “Grocery Shopping Be Like.” Well, well, well…looks like we’re back at the grocery store, but this time it’s a bit different. Oh who am I kidding, grocery shopping during the pandemic is vastly different.

But even before all those new social distancing rules, the real issue (for me) is the feeling that I’m heading into the infected wastelands, like in in the Last of Us. Gotta lock and load your gear, and get ready for a loot run! 🙂

To be realistic, it just feels like the amount of prep going grocery shopping is on the hazmat suit level. For instance, you gotta gear up. That means masks, disinfectants for the carts, grocery list in hand, and a solid plan of action. Then you have do all of that but not bump into anybody. After, you have to get home, disrobe, and disinfect all of your groceries. Lastly, you have to shower, then put away all of your groceries. DONE.

See what I mean? That is quite the process. Anyways, I hope you liked today’s QUICKLET. Make sure to come back and read more. And please, share, share, share!

Visiting Family Be Like

Visiting Family Be Like

Hey there LWS fans, I have another new QUICKLETS comic for you today called “Visiting Family Be Like.” As you many have ascertained from the title, this one is about visiting family. Specifically visiting family during the covid-19 pandemic. In some cases one can only talk through glass in order to see loved ones. Like many of you already know, while we must remain socially distant, we must also pass along our love to our relatives, and we as human beings have found all sorts of creative ways to do so.

However, just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you are immune to parental observations. Like eating enough, or gaining weight. Haha.

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s comic strip. Please check out my other ones, such as Internets Be Like and all my other pandemic, self isolation themed gags. And please, share my comics. During these tough times, humor can help us heal.

Internets Be Like --

Internets Be Like

Hey y’all, here’s another new LWS QUICKLET just for you called “Internets Be Like.” So how does the internets be like anyhow? Well, during self-isolation, the internet is a wonderful resource to curb boredom and cabin fever. It also is a little bit addicting, so during these hard times, one can find themselves online from 9:00am to 11:30pm. LOL.

And when online for such lengths, one can often discover very surprising things that they did not know before (as well as some eyestrain, get those blue light filters). My such revelation was a song by the Chemical Brothers called Salmon Dance. Have you heard of this song? Haha, it is hilarious and very 90s-esque.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s Quicklet, if you like these then share them around. We’re all in isolation together (figuratively), so let’s not go insane. Share my comics, spread it like…uh…like BUTTER. Yes, spread it like butter! 🙂

Relaxing Be Like

Relaxing Be Like

Welcome to another new QUICKLET called “Relaxing Be Like.” It’s tough to relax during a viral outbreak, isn’t it? It’s also hard to chill while in self-isolation. The only saving grace from the constant infectious paranoia is knowing that everyone of your housemates is A-OKAY. Competely, COVID free— AHCHOOOO!

You know this happens to you. Someone sneezes, coughs and your mind instantly thinks, COVID!  I find that even in self-isolation my mind goes there. Like for instance, when my cat suddenly has a coughing or sneezing fit. LOL. There’s a little bit of me that’s like…”Where have you been? Did you leave the quarantine zone?” Haha, but then I remember my kitty has allergies.

Anyways, that’s it for today’s QUICKLET comic. If you liked Relaxing Be Like, then check out any number of my other LWS Quicklets. Stay safe and healthy LWS fans.

Neighbors Be Like

Neighbors Be Like

Hey comic fans, here’s another cool LWS Quicklet called “Neighbors Be Like.” Neighbors Be Like is inspired by all the self quarantined apartment and neighbors singing songs and playing music together, like some social distancing party. I was moved by the human spirit and the willingness to connect to people even though all of us are ordered to be far apart.

Anyways, that’s it for this Quicklet. Feel free to check out my LWS Facebook page. Welp, my hands are freezing so I must stop typing. I hope continue to stop by and read my comics. Also, it helps to share, share and share again. Don’t keep me a secret all to yourself. 🙂

Essential Skills Be Like

Essential Skills Be Like – LWS Quicklet

Heyo all you self isolating pandemic-heads, and welcome to a new Living With Stacy Quick-let! Today’s strip is called “Essential Skills Be Like.” Don’t you ever wish you had time to brush up on the essential things in life? Like, gardening, baking, and sewing? Well, now we all have the time to do so…or perhaps the time to realize that we aren’t very good at said essential skills.

To be fair, we all have different professions, so we can forgive ourselves for not knowing how to do some of them. And like I said earlier, what better time to learn an essential skill than right now. 🙂

Speaking of professions, if you lost yours lately due to COVID-19 and you live in Canada, you can apply for the CERB. I’m sure you all know about it now, but even self-employed individuals (like comic creators), who’ve made at least $5000.00 of total income last year can apply.

That’s it for today’s quick-let. Expect more quicklets as they get completed. Happy isolation! 🙂

Isolation Be Like

Isolation Be Like – LWS Quicklets

Self isolation is hard…It can be maddening and cabin fever producing. It can be a time to reflect, goof off or be paranoid. Either way, isolation has a time limit and it’s time to self isolate.

As the great Homer J Simpson once said “No TV and no beer make Homer go something something…”

Today’s LWS QUICKLET COMIC is called “Isolation Be Like” and is about just that, isolation. Perhaps you isolate because it’s safe and smart to do, perhaps you isolate because the government ordered you to do so, or perhaps your are quarantined. Whatever the case, self isolation is smart but is also hard on the head.

I try to do these everyday, so keep coming back to check for new comic strips. Stay safe and healthy. 🙂

Drive-Thrus Be Like

Quicklets – LWS Comics Done Fast

Hey there LWS fans. The ever growing COVID-19 outbreak is forcing a lot of us indoors. We must all self isolate and try to not go crazy in the process. There have been a lot of rules and regulations that make it a little more tough, but we all know it’s for the best. Surely the apocalypse has arrived. So what is one to do while self isolating?

I give you LWS QUICK-LETS! Living with Stacy comics done fast. Quick-lets are meant to be drawn rough and fast, and is a way for me to stave off cabin fever in a time of self isolation during the COVID-19 outbreak. I poke fun at some viral topics, but make no mistake, I take the current outbreak very seriously. That is why I must draw these comics, to balance it all out with a little bit of humor (and to de-stress).

Everyday I plan on drawing a new comic related to living life during the current COVID-19 outbreak. This includes topics mentioned above like self isolation and going a bit bananas. Or perhaps trying to go out for a loot run at the grocery store while wearing hazmat suits.

Today’s strip is about getting take-out at the drive thru. The six foot social distancing is now widely adopted, which is good. But have you ever had your food hurled at your car by a fast food worker in hopes to limit exposure? Yep, it happens. Just watch out for those hot drinks, like coffee. Ye-ouch.

Quick-lets are not released in any particular order like my main LWS strips, just the ones that come to me that day. Stay tuned for more soon. Remember to wash those hands, and stay healthy. 🙂


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