Spotless - LWS Comic #188
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Spotless – LWS Comic #188

Hey there LWS comic fans, I have another great one today called “Spotless.” Ryan notices the apartment is spotless, perfectly ordered and clean…and also a mysterious hacking in the background. Sniffles, coughs and sneezes too. What could this all mean? He soon finds Stacy sweeping in the living room and quips “Why do you always clean the apartment when you’re sick?” To which she replies, “SPITE!” Ha.

Yes, if you hadn’t realized it already, Stacy likes to spitefully clean everything around her when she feels ill. The more sick she is, the more deep the clean. Because being sick can go screw itself! Right? That is spite alright! LOL. It is quite something to behold. Anyways, if you liked Spotless, then check out my other LWS comics. You can find them in the comic archive.

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