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Bring It Back - LWS Comic #164

Bring It Back – LWS Comic #164

Heyo LWS comic fans, and welcome to another new strip called “Bring It Back.” In today’s gag, Ryan sports a fantastically retro pimp hat from the 70s. Stacy giggle while Ryan is admiring it in the mirror. She jests, “Nice hat.” With Ryan retorting, “Thanks, I’m trying to bring it back.” Stacy jests again, but then BAM! Ryan strikes a super sexy pose!. That’s right baby, I’m bringing it back. Lol.

Anyways, I thought this one was cute. I colored the hat purple just to give it that extra, Snoop D to the double G aesthetic. The pose was inspired by Micheal Jackson. Sham’on! Haha.

Well, that’s it for this week’s strip. If you liked Bring It Back, you’ll love my other Living With Stacy comics, like Modest and Celiac. If you want to check out all my other works, you can check out my Flapjack Studios website. šŸ™‚

Living With Stacy #99 - Pretty Sexy

Living With Stacy #99 – Pretty Sexy

Hey, and welcome back to an all new LWS comic called Pretty Sexy! In today’s comic Stacy finds a sexy costume at the discount dollar store and shows it off for Ryan an in attempt to woo him. It’s safe to say, the costume was a hit! Just not in the way Stacy was originally thinking. Haha.

This isn’t the first time Stacy has been pretty sexy to get Ryan’s attention. For more sexy shenanigans check out LWS #91 – Tweet.

Today’s update came late but no fear, it’s here (now)! Expect more Living With Stacy next Saturday. And hey, while I’ve got you why not donate to my GOFUNDME page? I’m printing a LWS book and I would love your help to make it a reality. You can learn more about it in the text below. Thanks again!

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