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Good Spot - LWS Comic #166

Good Spot – LWS Comic #166

Heyo LWS fans and welcome to another new comic strip called “Good Spot.” Not it’s not your dog, and no it’s not cool spot from the 7up commercials. Ryan and Stacy venture to the Soupastore (lol) to get cat food and cat litter. You may remember that from last week’s comic called Business.

Anyhoo, Ryan sees a good spot to park but Stacy being a little OCD has her own ways of finding the perfect spot. The first one is too cramped, the second is well, just not right. Finally, after circling the parking lot 3 times, they park the car….miles away from the store. Haha.

Do you know anyone who takes their time parking? Or has a roundabout way of achieving a simple goal? Do you also laugh and find joy in that person? I know I do. Sometimes I can’t help exclaiming the obvious though, like “WTF hun?” Haha. I kid, I kid.

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic. If you liked good spot then you’ll love my other Living With Stacy comics. Later gators. 🙂