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Asle Nine - Living With Stacy #170

Aisle Nine – Living With Stacy #170

Hey there Living With Stacy fans, I have a brand spanking new comic for you called “Aisle Nine.” In today’s strip we see Stacy at her best. Best at what you ask? Well, the best at being Stacy. We see her restocking shelves, moving items into their correct spots. Ryan states, “Hun, that’s the stocker’s job.” Before she can retort, the items come crashing down on her and the floor. “Clean up in aisle nine!” 🙂

Although slightly embellished, this is another true to life story. I hope you all enjoyed it. The grocery arc is continuing on for a few more strips. Stay tuned for another update soon.

If you’re interested in the start of this arc, check out “Business” and “Good Spot.” Later gators.

Right Over Here - LWS Comic #169

Right Over Here – LWS #169

Hey there LWS fans and welcome to another great comic strip called “Right Over Here.” Continuing with Ryan and Stacy’s grocery excursion, we find them agreeing to meet up after Ryan grabs a bag of nacho chips. Stacy replies, “Okay, I’ll be right over here.” However, when Ryan returns Stacy is gone, seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth.

Anyone who has gone to the grocery store will understand our plight. Lol. How many times have you looked the other way for a tasty treat on a shelf only to lose your significant other within seconds. You think to yourself, it was only a few seconds, they must be right around the corner. WRONG! They are gone, and you are left alone to wander the store in search of them, narrowly missing them with every passing aisle. Then it hits you, yes, you should go the other way! Brilliant. But wait, what if your significant other thinks the same thing, then you’ll miss them….Hmm, yes big brain calculations here. You continue on…but alas, your spouse was never seen again. Or at least it seems that way when walking for 20 minutes in the grocery store.

Next time someone says “right over here” remember my writings. Haha.  Anyways, that’s it for this week’s strip. If you liked Right over here than please read my other comics in the grocery arc, starting with Business. Until next time. Happy shopping. 🙂


Smoked Meats - Living With Stacy #168

Smoked Meats – Living With Stacy #168

Hey there LWS comic fans, I have a new strip for you called “Smoked Meats.” Stacy gets a whiff of third hand cigarette smoke and has a coughing fit. Wondering where it’s coming from, she asks Ryan, who can only smell the smoked meats directly in front of him. Lol.

This was another true to life story, complete with sarcastic quip at the end from our beloved Stacy. Haha.

If any of your are familiar with grocery shopping you’re going to love the comics coming up. For those of you who just arrived, check out “Business” which is the very start of what I’m calling the “Grocery Store Arc.”

Well that’s it for this week’s strip. Please come back and read more on my website. And if you’re feelin’ rad you can pick up my book as well! 🙂


Carried Away - LWS Comic #167

Carried Away – LWS Comic #167

Why hello there LWS fans, I have a brand new comic strip for you today called “Carried Away.” Today’s gag builds off of last week’s comics Good Spot and Business. We see Ryan and Stacy enter the Soupastore. Stacy reminds Ryan to not get carried away and immediately Ryan ogles and gasps at the produce. “They have Avocados!” Lol.

To celebrate, Ryan picks up a pair of avocados and does the “Guacamole Song.” An infamous song that I’m sure you are all well aware of. It’s a bit of an ear worm, so if you listen to it you may get it stuck in your heads for eternity.

So that wraps up today’s strip. If you liked “Carried Away” then you’re going to love the next batch of Living With Stacy comics coming up. Stay tuned and don’t forget to share LWS on social media. Now I must go eat some Guacamole! 🙂


Good Spot - LWS Comic #166

Good Spot – LWS Comic #166

Heyo LWS fans and welcome to another new comic strip called “Good Spot.” Not it’s not your dog, and no it’s not cool spot from the 7up commercials. Ryan and Stacy venture to the Soupastore (lol) to get cat food and cat litter. You may remember that from last week’s comic called Business.

Anyhoo, Ryan sees a good spot to park but Stacy being a little OCD has her own ways of finding the perfect spot. The first one is too cramped, the second is well, just not right. Finally, after circling the parking lot 3 times, they park the car….miles away from the store. Haha.

Do you know anyone who takes their time parking? Or has a roundabout way of achieving a simple goal? Do you also laugh and find joy in that person? I know I do. Sometimes I can’t help exclaiming the obvious though, like “WTF hun?” Haha. I kid, I kid.

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic. If you liked good spot then you’ll love my other Living With Stacy comics. Later gators. 🙂