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Home Sweet Home - Living With Stacy #174

Home Sweet Home – LWS Comic #174

Well, well, well, it”s time for another LWS comic. Today’s comic is called “Home Sweet Home.” Ryan and Stacy finally arrive home from grocery shopping, tired but happy.  They both plop down on the couch triumphantly, only to soon realize by the ever glaring eyes of Tori and Jeanie, that something is amiss.

And that something is that they forgot the cat food and cat litter. LOL. Have you ever had one sole reason to go to the grocery store only to forget that one thing afterwards? Ah, man. Cat litter is a big one for me.

And with that, the grocery store arc is done. Not that there won’t be any more store related jokes and gags coming in the future. I hoped you liked it while all of you self isolate. Things are getting bonkers out there. So stay safe and stay healthy.

Speaking of safe, Canada has released information on the CERB (Canada Emergency Relief Benefit). So if you live in Canada, you may want to look into it if you lost your job recently due to COVID-19.

That’s it for now. Hopefully things will start to become normal in the weeks and months to come. Also, please share and like LWS with any of your friends and family. 🙂

Whoopsie - LWS Comic #173

Whoopsie – LWS Comic #173

Hey there all you isolated LWS fans. How stressful is it to hear about all this COVID-19 news? It’s all I see on social media (with just cause). Well, perhaps I can take your mind off of it for just a minute with my new comic strip called “Whoopsie.”

Today’s comic closes in on the end of the grocery store arc. Fitting in a way, with grocery stores going out of stock and changing their hygiene practices and distancing policies. I promise, this story arc wasn’t planned to coincide during all of this. It just weirdly timed up. :0

Anyways, I digress. Ryan and Stacy are just about home. Ryan, ignoring Stacy’s warning, places the groceries on the hood of the car in order to pick collect the rest of the bags. Do any of you out there do this? I have…lol. In any case, the groceries slip off the car hood and splat onto the ground. “Whoopsie” indeed.

If you liked this week’s comic then please check out the first comic in the grocery arc called Business.

Well, that’s it for now. Y’all keep your head up and try to restrict the constant Coronavirus news to a daily minimum so as not to stress while isolating. Stay diligent and wash those hands. 🙂

Checkout - Living With Stacy #172

Checkout – Living With Stacy #172

Hey there Living With Stacy fans, I have another new strip for you in this fabulous grocery store arc called “Checkout.” How many of you can relate to the horrors of grocery shopping, hm? I bet there is a lot of you. If you had any such experience then please share this comic with your friends and loved ones.

Do you know that sharing the comics is an excellent way to get more people to read Living With Stacy? So do it, do it now, or I’ll call the police.

Oh this just in, our IRL cat Jeanie just jumped on my shoulder and dug her claws into my flesh, slicing two hair follicles like she was playing connect the dots. How fun. This is a sign, it means that this comic is “EPIC!” Please share now. Do it now.

That’s it for this weeks comic. Check out my others here.

Lines For Days - LWS Comic #171

Lines For Days – LWS Comic #171

Heyo LWS comic fans, I have another awesome grocery related strip for you today, called “Lines For Days.” As you may have deduced from the title, this comic is about one of the most hated aspects of any shopping experience. especially during busy times, and that is the lines!

Stacy’s on the verge of a mental breakdown and needs to get out of the store ASAP! She urges Ryan to hurry up, and turns to realize that her grocery store adventure is far from over. Ryan, optimistic as ever, offers an inspirational quip about patience. Alas, it falls on exhausted and frustrated ears, as Stacy collapses onto her cart in despair.

Anyways, that’s it for this weeks comic. If you liked “Lines For Days” then you need to check out my other grocery store themed comics. You can start by reading the first in the Grocery Store Arc called “Business.”

Oh and, if you do go to the store, try not to buy up “all” the toilet paper. Ryan needs some tissues for his tushie too. 😉