Whoopsie - LWS Comic #173
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Whoopsie – LWS Comic #173

Hey there all you isolated LWS fans. How stressful is it to hear about all this COVID-19 news? It’s all I see on social media (with just cause). Well, perhaps I can take your mind off of it for just a minute with my new comic strip called “Whoopsie.”

Today’s comic closes in on the end of the grocery store arc. Fitting in a way, with grocery stores going out of stock and changing their hygiene practices and distancing policies. I promise, this story arc wasn’t planned to coincide during all of this. It just weirdly timed up. :0

Anyways, I digress. Ryan and Stacy are just about home. Ryan, ignoring Stacy’s warning, places the groceries on the hood of the car in order to pick collect the rest of the bags. Do any of you out there do this? I have…lol. In any case, the groceries slip off the car hood and splat onto the ground. “Whoopsie” indeed.

If you liked this week’s comic then please check out the first comic in the grocery arc called Business.

Well, that’s it for now. Y’all keep your head up and try to restrict the constant Coronavirus news to a daily minimum so as not to stress while isolating. Stay diligent and wash those hands. 🙂

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