Living with Stacy #116 - Back In Fashion
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Living With Stacy #116 – Back in Fashion

Hey LWS fans, I have a new comic out today called “Back in Fashion.” Ryan finds an old pear of distressed jeans from the 90’s. Stacy urges him to try them on and although it’s a tight fit, Ryan manages to squeeze into them. Little does he know that the back end has ripped open and flaunts his sexy self in front of the bedroom mirror. “What’s the verdict?” Ryan asks. to which Stacy replies, “I think your jeans might be a little too distressed.” End scene. And that my friends is how you do a bum joke. Haha.

Well I hope you liked this week’s bum joke. It was inspired by the return of 90’s fashion…and let’s face it, not all 90’s clothes are back in fashion. Some styles should stay hidden forever. Well, what about distressed jeans? Nah. They’re cool. Right up there with my FUBU T-shirt and faux gold chain. šŸ˜‰

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