Celiac - Living With Stacy #158
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Celiac – Living With Stacy #158

Hey there LWS fans, I have a new comic strip for you today called “Celiac.” Ryan happily enjoys a yummy ham sandwich. But little does he know that the  ham sandwich has a dirty little secret…A dirty gluten secret. Oh no! Stacy gasps “Is that my whole wheat ham sandwich?”  Looks like Ryan has ingested some of that dreaded wheat. What’s a celiac to do?

Now I want to get something very clear. This ain’t no gluten free fad or intolerance. This is straight up, in the genes celiac disease. Yikes. But maybe just one bite wouldn’t be that bad? Maybe it could sneak by the intestines many villi and immune system? Wrong. Haha.

Anyways, that is the life of a celiac. 😉 I hope you liked this week’s comic. If you did, why not check out other food related LWS strips like It’s All Yours and Takeout.

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