Available - LWS COMICS #217
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Available – LWS Comics #217

Well hello there LWS Comic fans, I have a new strip for your called “Available.” The office adventures continue as Stacy faces her toughest challenge of the day– Customer service at the front desk. Oh joy! Most of you who’ve been in customer service can relate to these types of requests, bookings, and queries coming from a particular type of person. You know, the people that think that they’re the center of the universe, and that you should be able to read their minds? Cuz obviously their weekly personal schedule is so important that it’s common knowledge or something, like duh, of course Jimmy has soccer on Wednesdays. LOL.

So that is today’s comic. I hope it makes you laugh and seethe at the same time. 🙂 If you liked Available, then please check out all the Stacy’s  Office Adventures. And also, share, like, and share some more. Happy weekend!

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