Living With Stacy #109 - Truths
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Living With Stacy #109 – Truths

Heyo Living With Stacy fans, I have a new awesome comic today called “Truths.” Stacy delves deep into issues with herself and society attempting to discover her truths. Ryan responds with his own set of truths. šŸ™‚

I was inspired to write “Truths” after I read this amazing book called “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero. In it she describes how to identify false truths and then establish your real truths in a way to positively impact your life. I recommend this book whole heatedly. IF you like other insightful comics then I suggest checking out “Human Condition.”

Go Fund Me for Living With Stacy

I have a GO FUND ME campaign for a Living With Stacy book that Iā€™m printing. It features the first 100 LWS comics in an awesome first edition print of Living With Stacy! If you like my comic please head on over to my GO FUND ME page and support me. Even $1.00 matters! Thanks for your support!

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