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Essential Skills Be Like – LWS Quicklet

Heyo all you self isolating pandemic-heads, and welcome to a new Living With Stacy Quick-let! Today’s strip is called “Essential Skills Be Like.” Don’t you ever wish you had time to brush up on the essential things in life? Like, gardening, baking, and sewing? Well, now we all have the time to do so…or perhaps the time to realize that we aren’t very good at said essential skills.

To be fair, we all have different professions, so we can forgive ourselves for not knowing how to do some of them. And like I said earlier, what better time to learn an essential skill than right now. 🙂

Speaking of professions, if you lost yours lately due to COVID-19 and you live in Canada, you can apply for the CERB. I’m sure you all know about it now, but even self-employed individuals (like comic creators), who’ve made at least $5000.00 of total income last year can apply.

That’s it for today’s quick-let. Expect more quicklets as they get completed. Happy isolation! 🙂

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