Fish Sticks - LWS Comic #183
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Fish Sticks – LWS Comic #183

Heyo LWS comic fans, and welcome to another hilarious strip by yours truly, called “Fish Sticks.” Stacy has one thing on her mind, and one thing only. And that thing is FISH STICKS! Another true story, although people that may know Stacy might not realize it. Haha. But yes, this is a true story. In a lot of cases, at random, during any time of day, if you ask Stacy a question, she may will respond with two words, fish sticks. She can do this up to 15 times a day. LOL.

I know, it’s weird, cute, and quirky. What makes it even more funny and perhaps even a little peculiar, is that Stacy can’t eat fish at all. Kinda allergic…So a convenient battered stick form is out of the question too. Never the less, it is her go to phrase and goes on for days.

So yeah, now you all know a little more about Stacy that previously, only I was privy to. You’re welcome. 🙂

That’s it for this week’s comic strip, if you happen to like my comics, then please check out my other ones like “Constantly @ Me.”

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