Halloween Party - Living With Stacy #104
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Living With Stacy #104 – Halloween Party

Hello LWS fans and welcome to the spookiest Living With Stacy webcomic yet called “Halloween Party.” Well, spooky in some sense…more like amazing and gross.  Haha. In today’s comic we see Ryan and Stacy attend an old art school friend’s (Allie) Halloween party. I ‘m obviously dressed as Ray Stantz from Ghostbusters and Stacy is dressed as…well, a tampon. Haha. Anyone who can guess Al’s costume gets a cameo in the next Halloween comic. (:O

Funny enough…I thought vampires were supposed to like blood. Isn’t that ironic? I hope you all got that extra layer of humor there. Oh and this could be a part one of a four or five part story. I may delve deeper into more of the Halloween madness. It was one of my favorite parties in recent memories.

If you like Halloween themed comics than you’ll love Trick of Treat and Trick or Treat 2. Check ’em out, if you dare! Muhahaha.

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