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Make Up Your Mind LWS Comic #101

Living With Stacy #101 – Make Up Your Mind

We have a great Living With Stacy comic for you today called “Make up your mind!” Starring Tori, our lovable, needy, Brown Siamese-tabby mix kitty! Woo, that’s a mouthful. Any of you cat owners out there should relate to this one. You know, when your cat (or cats) climb all over you meowing with purpose and want in their eyes, going back and forth, over and over until you think, “Make up your mind, already!”

In the coming comics there could be another kitty surprise. If you want more kitty action than check out one of my other cat related comics like Guilty Kitty or It’s Christmas.

Go Fund Me for Living With Stacy

I have a GO FUND ME campaign for a Living With Stacy book that I’m printing. It features the first 100 LWS comics in an awesome first edition print of Living With Stacy! If you like my comic please head on over to my GO FUND ME page and support me. Even $5.00 matters! Thanks for your support!

Honesty is the Best Policy - LWS #94

Living With Stacy #94 – Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the best policy. That is the name of the game in this Living With Stacy Comic, LWS #94 – Honest. Stacy comes home from work only to find the house in disarray and Ryan in his underwear.

This is my second update of LWS on my brand spanking new website! I’m excited to be continuing LWS and I hope you are excited to read it. 🙂

You may of may not know but I update Living With Stacy on Saturdays now. So check back often on the weekend for a new LWS comic. Also feel free to check some of my older ones if you’re new to the website. If I’m being honest, may I suggest starting with Trick or Treat. It was the first LWS comic I drew the main character Ryan without glasses and I’ve stuck with the design since! I hope you enjoy it! I know I do. Haha. Honesty is the best policy after all.

In other news– I’m nearing 100 comics milestone soon. When I do reach that magical number I’ll announce another surprise, so stay tuned. Catch you on the Flipside LWS fans! Happy weekend!