Visiting Family Be Like
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Visiting Family Be Like

Hey there LWS fans, I have another new QUICKLETS comic for you today called “Visiting Family Be Like.” As you many have ascertained from the title, this one is about visiting family. Specifically visiting family during the covid-19 pandemic. In some cases one can only talk through glass in order to see loved ones. Like many of you already know, while we must remain socially distant, we must also pass along our love to our relatives, and we as human beings have found all sorts of creative ways to do so.

However, just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean you are immune to parental observations. Like eating enough, or gaining weight. Haha.

Anyways, that’s it for this week’s comic strip. Please check out my other ones, such as Internets Be Like and all my other pandemic, self isolation themed gags. And please, share my comics. During these tough times, humor can help us heal.

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