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Living With Stacy #28 - Almost Done

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Sorry hun, I'm almost done. I bet you guys have heard that one many times before. If you live with another person, especially a spouse or loved one, you will inevitably have to use the washroom while someone is taking a bath. It's a rule of thumb, a way. And let's be honest, most likely the relaxing bath you were going for is now tainted by the left over gas and poo smell lingering in the hot moist air. So while yes, sometimes a number two trip to the lavatory is necessary even when someone's taking a bath, you can still lessen the torture of your loved ones by utilizing these two tricks. When defecating, flush the toilet immediately so the poop goes down the toilet quickly thus producing less stank. Secondly, when you finish wiping flush it again as fast as you can to minimize left over paper stank. With these two steps you can kinda, maybe get away with using the washroom while someone is taking a bath. But wait; are there any tips for the person in the tub? Well, as I've said in my earlier posts, you really just have to grin and bear it. Feel relief in knowing that they owe you one, and next time the tables will turn. Or just lock the door. Oh, snap! Haha. Well that's it for today. Please like and share LWS with your friends and family. It really helps when you spread the word. I can't live off of adoration alone, although that gets me pretty far, I need real food! So please help support the site! Thanks!

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Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2014