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Living With Stacy #54 microwave Ryan and Stacy topwebcomics Cute and Adorable

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Hello and happy hump day again! I hope you had a great black Friday weekend and a fantastic cyber Monday week. Lots of good deals floating around the internet including this new LWS comic called "Microwave." It's a great deal because it's free to read. Haha. Get it?

This is a true story, so you should know that when I say "Don't try this at home," I mean it. Haha. For reals yo, you will cook your microwave to death if there is no food in it. And yeah, turning it on high while empty for ten minutes doesn't help, so remember, don't use your microwave as a timer either. Remember both those things. Also, why are microwaves so expensive? Man retailers (or whoever makes them) just understand that sometimes a person kills their microwave. We murdered it sure, but we still need one, so make them cheaper for all the microwave destroyers out there, would ya? Or at least make them a little cheaper. Thanks in advance.

Well that's all for hump day. Have yourself a fun Cyber Monday week. Please share LWS comics with your friends and family and follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Also, tell your newspapers, magazines and internet networks too. Thanks in advance. :P

Living With Stacy, or LWS for short, updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays so come back often to lol at the latest strips!

Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2014