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Living With Stacy #87 Arranged Ryan and Stacy

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LIVING WITH STACY #87 - Arranged

Hey all you LWS fans. I'd like to wish you a Happy Easter (if you celebrate it) and a great Good Friday! If you don't happen to celebrate Easter then I wish you a fun filled Friday. Today we have a new comic strip called "Arranged."

Stacy utilizes her many talents to reorganize the art book shelf according to color gradients. Sounds fun, huh? Haha. I admit there is some satisfaction to having something so colorful done so perfectly. I mean, why else would there be buzzfeed news headlines about OCD like arrangements showcasing pictures of perfection. Well that's because some people just like taking the time to make stuff look good and organized. Maybe it can even be considered an art form? Haha. Stacy would definitely agree.

That will be all for today. See you guys next week. Have fun stuffing your faces with candy and chocolate. Haha. Later.

Living With Stacy, or LWS for short, updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays so come back often to lol at the latest comic strips!

Author: Ryan J.S. Chandler of Flapjack Studios (c) 2015